Useful Links

Here is a list of internet sites you may find useful:

Xeffort Library

MGaitens4Xft » is Mike Gaiten's page with various Xeffort resources.

Fortran Resources

Fortran Library » is a Fortran portal

Fortran Company » is another Fortran portal

Intel Software Forums » are the place where you can discuss Visual Fortran related issues

comp.lang.fortran » - the general Fortran newsgroup

Fortran Standards Technical Commitee »

Source Code

Netlib » is the world's greatest repository of numerical software.

Orderpack » is Michel Olagnon's package for sorting and ordering.

Fortran Parser » is Stuart Midgley's software for run-time expression evaluation


InnoSetup » is freeware tool for creating great setups.

ISTool » is GUI front-end for InnoSetup

Tortoise CVS » is open-source Version Control System

WinCVS » is another open-source Version Control System

PushOK CVS Plug-in » is a plug-in for Visual Studio for interfacing with CVS

OE-QuoteFix » is a must-have plug-in for Outlook Express which makes it behave like sane users expect.

List of OpenSource Windows software » on SourceForge

AMD CodeAnalyst » is a free profiling tool for AMD processors. Works quite fine with Visual Fortran generated executables.

SysInternals » has a bunch of excellent Windows advanced utilities

List of Visual Studio Macros » on Codeguru. » offers cheap and reliable access to Usenet newsgroups.

Win32 Programming

MSDN Home Page » is the reference for everything you want (and don't want) to know about Win32 programming.

Catch 22 Productions » by James Brown is full of excellent Win32 tutorials » - general Win32 programming newsgroup

Funny (but enlightening)

Computer Stupidities »

Hackers' Jargon Dictionary »